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What is Dynamic DNS?

There are many cases where a WAN IP can only be issued via DHCP, and as a result, that IP changes over time. Common scenarios are running a home-based server or VPN behind Comcast/FiOS/DSL, or using a LTE Wirelss WAN link for out-out-band management. Some providers can offer a static IP but at a hefty cost, while others like residential FiOS dont even offer static IPs. The solution is to use a dynamic DNS name that automatically updates when your IP changes.

What's the catch? Is it really free?

No catch. We offer free dynamic dns as a service to the internet community. And lets be honest, it increases traffic to our site which helps spread the word of our bread and butter business of IT and network consulting, and software development.

How does it work? What are the requirements?

We currently only support Linux/UNIX/FreeBSD varient systems. This is because the main requirement to use our Dynamic DNS is to be able to setup a cron job and have access to either curl or wget command line utilities. Your IP address registration is done by a simple HTTP GET request. It is possible to do this in Windows 7, but we currently dont support it. In the near future we hope to have a compiled binary for Windows 7 and above.

When you signup you register a essenz.org sub-domain. For example: johnsonfamily.essenz.org and we give you a custom URL to add to your crontab like the below:

15 * * * * /usr/local/bin/curl http://dyndns.essenz.com/update.cgi?TOKEN-ID >/dev/null 2>&1

TOKEN-ID is your unique account identifier. We recommend you run the cron job every hour. The cron job must be run on a machine that has your dynamic WAN IP assigned to it on outbound traffic. We read your incoming IP on the HTTP GET request and authenticate against the TOKEN-ID.

Can I use my own domain name?

YES. Our base service creates a dynmaic DNS name within the essenz.org sub-domain. If you managed your own personal DNS and domain, you can have a CNAME pointer to your Essenz Dynamic DNS entry. For example, www.johnsonfamily.com can be a CNAME pointer to johnsonfamily.essenz.org. As long as you set the TTL's to 1 hour, there should be no effect on quality of service. Want to purchase your own domain name? Visit our domain name store.